Smart Summaries

Automatic summaries of documents. Driven by AI and Machine Learning.

Tired of digging through documents to find key information? Our Smart Summaries tool uses AI to bring key clauses and data points to the surface.

Key Benefits



Quickly build your custom summary template by selecting from 50+ key data points.



It works in any language, any jurisdiction and any type of document, to secure your piece of mind.


AI Technology

A range of proprietary Machine Learning and AI technologies work together to deliver the most accurate results on the market.


Accurate and Consistent

The AI algorithms quickly learn what is important to you. The knowledge is applied in a consistent way to every document.


Fast and Efficient

Do the same work in a fraction of the time. Your summaries are automatically populated - you just review.


Easy to Use

1-click summary generation with all the key information at your fingertips. Very intuitive UI, easy to get started.

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