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AI Smart Summaries - Accuracy in Practice

Reviewing documents has never been so easy

Smart Summaries automatically identifies clauses in your documents, right out of the box. With an average of over 90% recall and 1 false positive for every 20 pages, you can count on Imprima AI to save you time during the Due Diligence process. View the video below to see these results in practice.

With no preparation or time investment required upfront,
both buyers and sellers can benefit from the pre-trained clauses available within the VDR. Utilising large language models which predict across languages, use Imprima AI to transform your due diligence process, find information faster and reduce the likelihood for post-deal disputes.


Fast and Efficient

Do the same work in a fraction of the time.


Easy to Use

1-click summary generation with all the key information at your fingertips.


Accurate and Consistent

With over 90% recall it exceeds the accuracy of manual summarisation.

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