Imprima Security – 2 step Publishing

A unique process that helps to prevent data breaches

Human error is a key source of security breaches

Few people realise that human error is a massive contributor to data breaches. However, Verizon’s 2022 Data Breaches Investigations Report has found that 82% of data breaches involve human error.

Human error can happen due to an individual’s inadequate response to external threats, such as phishing, but it can also involve internal data-management mistakes. And managing data in VDRs is no exception if you are not careful.

Setting up a data room involves multiple steps: uploading the data, inviting users (bidders, legal experts etc.) and permitting the various user groups to access the data. The same holds for the DD process – you want to ensure the correct Q&A info ends up with the right user groups. It is easy to make a mistake.


So what can you do about that? Imprima VDRs support a unique process, 2-step publishing, that allows your organisation to make sure that no such mistakes are made.

2-step publishing enforces quality control of what is due to be published. QC can be executed by the same person when all is prepared, or even better, by a second person – making sure you have peace of mind that your users get the information they are supposed to get.



Reduce the risk of accidentally releasing information to the wrong parties.



An extra step allows you to be sure document permissions are set correctly.



Separate uploading and publishing responsibilities into different roles.

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Imprima Security – 2 step Publishing

A unique process that helps to prevent data breaches

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