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Imprima has been a market leading service provider to the financial services sector for decades. We have been a trusted partner and advisor for some of the world’s largest transactions in this sector, including mergers and acquisitions, raising capital, recapitalising and managing non-performing loans (NPLs). Some notable transactions have included:


The banking and financial services industry often works under extreme time pressure, across global time zones. We understand that during a deal process, time is of the essence, and that you require an all-inclusive data room service that is available 24/7. We fully understand that secure information sharing around compliance and corporate risk is essential to meet your objectives and by using IROOMS we can ensure information is safeguarded and regulatory and business risk is greatly reduced.


Our sophisticated Q&A tools ensure that questions raised during an M&A process or other transactions are processed and responded to quickly, so as not to impact upon the closure of your deal. The system also provides a full audit trail of correspondence, to ensure all due diligence has been undertaken and recorded for compliance and regulation purposes.


Our bespoke securitisation data rooms ensure you can carry out heavily regulated transactions in the most secure, reliable environment available. We have extensive experience with the intricacies of asset-backed securities (ABS) including mortgage-backed securities (MBS, CMOs), both commercial and residential (CMBS, RMBS). IROOMS enables disclosure requirements relating to structured finance instruments in compliance with the regulations of National Banks, including the US SEC rule 17g-5 and Bank of England regulations.

Key clients include:

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What our financial services customers say about us

When we went into this project, we wanted to partner with a company we could have a long-term relationship with. We found the perfect partner in Imprima, due to its excellent support and stable platform.Rothschild
Although the data room is important, equally or more so is the team, and in my opinion, that's one of the strengths of Imprima. You were of tremendous help to me during my project and I hope we can continue to count on your involvement - or that of someone on your team. For us, this is just as important as the tool.La Caixa
The data room is well laid out and graphically the most user friendly on the market compared with other vendors. Service is always responsive and helped us with speed and user issues by doing the work for us, such as with drag and drop bulk uploads. The team is always available and smooth handovers were critical.Standard Bank
We have worked with Imprima over the last 12 months on a long-term data room project and are very happy with the service availability and 24/7 support both in Turkey and globally. Imprima has a very easy to learn/use interface which went through our stringent IT and security audits before being selected against other global providers.Borsa Istanbul
We used Imprima’s virtual data room service, IROOMS, for a privatisation process over a period of 12 months. The system was easy to use and we didn’t need any special training to set it up. Imprima’s team was always willing to assist when needed and all our requests were dealt with swiftly. Overall, the service we received from Imprima met our needs and expectations and helped us run a smooth process.EFG Eurobank Greece
The excellent data room service was essential to our successful transaction. We will definitely select Imprima as our data room provider in the future.HSBC
IROOMS was central to the due diligence process carried out by all interested parties and was key to the success of the transaction.Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Your security credentials and track-record gave us the peace of mind that our information was safe and the system was always available, meaning we did not have to worry about delays on the deal.Citi
Very responsive team and easy company to work with. I enjoy our partnership with Imprima.Mediobanca

Some of our clients include

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