iRooms from Imprima

The Virtual Data Room solution for CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD


Since signing a Master Service Agreement in 2015, we have assisted Cushman & Wakefield on 160 projects in 13 European countries as well as in Australia and Singapore.

As part of our ongoing commitment in working with Cushman & Wakefield, we have made the following improvements to iRooms based on feedback from Cushman & Wakefield. They will not only save you time but also ensure that our award-winning platform continues to be the safest VDR in the industry.

Q&A Bulk Upload of Questions - Users and Administrators can now raise questions quicker, respecting Q&A settings for that group.

Q&A Bulk Answer of Questions - Users and Q&A Experts can now answer questions quicker, based on what you see in your new questions tab.

Q&A Email Notification Improvements – Structural and formatting changes have been made, ensuring that the email notifications are easier to read and understand.

Q&A Workflow Improvements – You can now answer and publish questions in 1 click. Documents, against which questions are raised, can now be opened in the Q&A area.

Bespoke Branding of Data Room or Marketed Assets - All data rooms can be customised with branding with an unlimited choice of colours. Our login window can also be embedded in an external website.

iRooms File Protect - MS Office files can now be opened in their native application, including the ability to edit Excel files and see formulas, all whilst maintaining full document security.

Bulk Download Improvements - Users and Administrators can now download the full or part of the data room, with dynamic watermark protection.

Warning to ensure that you have published your changes - Administrators will now be warned if they have not published changes to their data room, reducing the likelihood of you making an error.

Intelligent permissioning - iRooms is now automatically checks for hidden files when making changes to folders or groups, allowing you to quickly change permissions whilst leaving hidden documents hidden.

Communications tab improvements – Sending emails from the platform is safe and straightforward. Users can also keep track of emails and notifications sent to them in the communication tab.

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